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How do you bring out the best in an organization? A common answer is: By giving them the tools, resources and abilities to excel at what they are most passionate. True, but that is not enough. They must also understand how power operates inside the organization. Without understanding this system, success becomes a long shot.  Power is a core competence in leadership, management, negotiations, conflict resolution, team-building and change leadership. It is essential for success, yet, is rarely discussed and seldom taught. 

Most people do not want to openly admit that they want to become more adept in amassing and utilizing power. It sounds unethical, egocentric and manipulative. Yet, power management involves key skills necessary for getting things done. It is necessary for addressing the daily challenges of job performance, long-term career development and ongoing personal mastery. If you cannot deliver, you will not be in a leadership or management position very long.

Power must be discussed in a proper context. When approached as a means towards an end, it has the capacity to become a mechanism for abuse. Placed in a context with clearly defined ethics and a well-developed value system, it has the potential to act as a catalyst for exceptional performance, while honoring the organizations guiding principles. This requires cultivating a personal strategy, discerning the subtleties of implementation and practicing the skills.

Sungate Advisors’ central mission is helping people and organizations succeed with outcomes that brings out their best. Please check out our other offerings.

Sungate Advisors is very pleased to announce the publication of its first book in association with Dusty Staub of Staub Leadership International: Dynamic Focus - Creating Significance and Breaking the Spells of Limitations. For more information, click here.



"With other leadership programs you get the 'leadership manual,' but no one
gives you the inside. Wayne gives you the inside.”

- Mike Fellers, former Vice President, Marketing
Kay Chemical Company